Individual components from production programme and other components

BOVING d.o.o. also manufactures, delivers, and installs different individual galvanic and other components, such as:

    • Process tanks and different plastic tanks with or without reinforcements,
    • Electronic equipment and management modules for lines and devices,
    • Galvanic barrels and racks,
    • Scrubbers,
    • Rectifiers,
    • Agitators,
    • Ultrasound devices,
    • Filter pumps, dosing pumps, vacuum pumps, special pumps for galvanic devices
    • Dryers
    • PH-metrics, temperature switches, level switches
    • Metal structures, stainless steel tanks
    • Electronic and hot water heaters,
    • Heat exchangers,
    • Pipelines
    • Transportation systems for lines,
    • etc.